A 365-Day Devotional

Offering significantly more than the typical thematic or topical anecdotes of some other devotionals, the in-depth Bible exposition of this daily study gives us a firmer grasp on many of the great passages of Scripture—passages that speak at length of Christian character, the meaning behind Christ’s death and resurrection, and how we benefit from life’s trials.

Awake O Harp

Awake, O Harp offers us a great companion to our reading of the Psalter, encouraging us to read, pray, sing and meditate on these powerful passages.

Welcome to Grace to Asia!

Grace to Asia began in October 1997, as a satellite ministry of Grace to You, the Bible teaching ministry of Pastor John MacArthur. 

With the launch of the Grace to You Singapore office, many of Pastor MacArthur’s Bible teaching resources were made available to believers in Singapore. We took over the cassette tape-lending library from CNEC and began offering the lending service through the mail and walk-in customers. From using mass media like the world-wide-web, to radio broadcasts and regular correspondence, the Singapore office was equipping the saints, for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-14)….


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