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June 2024

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings on behalf of the GTA board members. It has been a year since we last communicated in March 2023. We write to inform you of the ministry’s renewed plans.

Since our establishment in October 1997 as Grace To You (Singapore), in partnership with Pastor John MacArthur’s ministry, our purpose has been to make sound Bible teaching resources more readily available to believers in Singapore. In 2009, we transitioned to become Grace to Asia, with an expanded objective to translate and distribute trusted Christian literature (With titles and publications from the Ligonier Ministries, 9Marks, etc) into Mandarin and other Asian languages to equip believers in the region. Fifteen years on, we are heartened that we are joined in this endeavour by many multi-lingual publishers, authors, and websites to support faithful Christians learning about God’s truth and sound doctrine through reading books and many helpful digital platforms.

These developments were the impetus for us to take a hiatus to survey the ministry of Grace to Asia and how we can more effectively serve God’s kingdom in Asia. Over the past year, we had the opportunity to meet with supporters of our ministry and hear from beneficiaries of our translated work. The year of reflection became a year of reimagining and possibilities.

As we refreshed the board and gathered faithful leaders to offer new ideas, our passion continued to be creating and distributing trusted content for faithful believers in Asia. The next phase of GTA will see a pivot of the ministry’s involvement in equipping the Asia-Pacific communities through the publication of original content, support for pastoral training through the translation of key publications for Asian languages, and content on regional missions, marketplace witness, among others.

With this major transition, we seek your prayers as we implement our plans in the year ahead. If you wish to continue supporting the ministry’s work, you may do so through our website. In the coming months, we hope to host a fellowship event so we can share more details in person.

Love in the Truth,

Grace To Asia Board Members