About Us

The mission of Grace to Asia is to equip God’s people through good Bible-teaching resources.  We fulfil that by distributing these resources to as far and wide as possible.  We have two major avenues of distribution.   

  • Each month, we give away a Bible-teaching resource in English to people in your area.  Over the years, Grace to Asia has given away thousands of the MacArthur Study Bible, books, devotionals and audio sermons free of charge to God’s people in Singapore, Malaysia and some parts of Asia.    
  • In addition, we translate some of these books into other languages to minister to a wider audience.  Since 2009, we have focused most of our efforts in translating Chinese resources.  We have distributed more than 80,000 Chinese books and Bible study resources in Asia.  We have also partnered with a foreign mission organisation to translate and distribute Keys to Spiritual Growth into Bangla (which has been widely distributed) and Indonesian.  (See: https://new.gracetoasia.org/product-category/translated-works/, https://new.gracetoasia.org)
  • During the pandemic years, we began to partner some pastors to translate Keys to Spiritual Growth into Tamil and Telugu.  

Grace to Asia is not funded by any church nor organization.  Ultimately, it is through supporters like you who donate and help put these resources into the hands of men and women who are hungry for God’s Word.  So, thank you for considering supporting the ministry of Grace to Asia.