29 Decemer 2021

Dear Friend

          This letter is probably reaching you at a hectic time.  Still, we wanted one last opportunity this year to minister to you, not only through this short letter, but also by offering you a little book that will be helpful in these times. 

          Throughout the past two years, we have experienced all kinds of emotions due to the pandemic.  At the start of it all, many of us were alarmed by the seemingly uncontrollable and rapidly spreading virus.  As the virus reached every part of the world, and as we saw the report of staggering numbers of infections and deaths, anxiety and even fear crept into our hearts.  But as the numbers subside and with the hope of seeing some end in sight, our hopes rose again, only to end up in disappointment and frustration as another cluster formed, leading to another impending lockdown. Then recently, we had another variant of concern threatening our well-being.  In the midst of all this, perhaps the most extreme emotions experienced would be by those who personally contracted the virus, or those whose loved ones were infected. 

          As Christians, we are not immune to such roller-coaster ups and downs.  It is not wrong to fear, to be disappointed, to be frustrated with what is happening; but what is important is how these events and emotions shape our understanding of God.  Do they cause us to doubt God?  Do they make us question His sovereignty and His goodness? 

          In every crisis is yet another God-given opportunity for us to know Him. God’s Word is sufficient for that purpose; but sometimes, we need God’s people to help us distil and apply relevant Bible passages that will shine a light on our predicament. 

          With that in mind, we want to offer this book entitled Coronavirus and Christ, by Pastor John Piper.  In this little book, the author invites us readers to stand on and trust the solid Rock, who is Jesus Christ.  He offers six biblical answers to what God is doing through the pandemic, showing us that God is still at work in this moment in history.  So we invite you to request this helpful little book entitled Coronavirus and Christ

          May God’s gracious blessings be upon you and your loved ones as you enjoy time together this season.  God Bless.  

    Love in the Truth,

   Peter Low Ying Kit

      Grace to Asia