28 April 2021

Dear Friend

     What comes to mind when you think of the word “doctrine”? 

     For some people, that word conjures an imagery of a few erudite Christians wrangling over an endless list of biblical issues.  To others, it triggers a mental picture of teachings that has little relevance to the average Christian’s walk in Christ.

     Because of such mental pictures in the minds of many Christians, the typical reaction to the word “doctrine” is to recoil from it.  To many, doctrine is not only irrelevant, it is for the few select Christians like pastors, elders and church leaders.  However, this is not a faithful representation of the word “doctrine”. 

     Simply put, “doctrine” refers to a set of beliefs.  For the Christian faith, our beliefs are derived from God’s revealed Word.  Therefore, the word “doctrine” simply refers to a summary of what the Bible teaches.  So if “all Scripture… is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness”, then its summary (or doctrine) ought to be relevant as well.  So how can we understand doctrine so that it is relevant and practical for Christians? 

     To answer that question, let me introduce this month’s book offer entitled Sound Doctrine by Dr. Bobby Jamieson, one of the pastors of Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  Whatever we feel or think about sound doctrine, this book seeks to convince us that sound doctrine is vital for living a godly life.  It also seeks to help us understand the essential role of theology in the life of a healthy church.  Thinking right about God affects everything: from guiding us in practical issues to helping a church grow in unity and her witness to the world.  So let me encourage you to request for this month’s book offer entitled Sound Doctrine.

     Again, we covet your prayers.  We believe that God’s Word never returns empty, but will accomplish the purposes that the Lord has in mind (Isa 55:11).  And our desire is that God will enable us to print more booklets, distribute them to more places, so as to minister and equip more people for His glory.

     Thank you once again for participating in what God is doing through this ministry: to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.  Your genuine love for the truth is a great encouragement to us, and your commitment to biblical teaching is bold witness of your love for Christ.  May His richest blessings abide with you.


  Love in the Truth,

  Peter Low Ying Kit

      Grace to Asia