30 September 2021

Dear Friend

       Since the onset of the pandemic, the church scene across the world has changed dramatically.  Not only have many churches moved their worship services online, avenues of service and opportunities for fellowship were curtailed or even suspended indefinitely.  Given such unprecedented times, the church had little choice but to adapt. 

       Unfortunately, the experience of worshipping God online has led some to think that online church is sufficient for living as a Christian.  After all, there is a plethora of choices as to which online service we want to attend; so we can pick out the best worship experience along with the best Bible teacher to listen to.  Attending a worship service online also means less friction among church-goers.  After all, the less you interact, the less there is selfishness and misunderstanding, leading to less conflict.  And for many, the main draw is that online services are very convenient and time-efficient. 

       While all that may sound logical and pragmatic, the key question we need to ask is this: what is the purpose of the local church?  Is the church only about attending worship services on Sundays, whether online or on-site?  Or is there something more to being part of a community of believers? 

       Attending online services alone definitely falls far short of what it means to be part of a local assembly of believers – which is fundamental to our Christian lives.  And because it is so vital, we want to offer you this newly published book entitled Rediscover Church free of charge.  The book discusses why church is essential for God’s mission and believers’ well-being.  Through biblical teaching and personal stories, it uncovers God’s true intention for the corporate gatherings: to exalt Him, and to strengthen and mature the body of Christ.  So, request for your copy of this brand new book Rediscover Church. 

       As Singapore gradually opens up to a new norm in our economic, social and religious activities, my prayer is that God will once again reinvigorate the church that we may shine forth His light, and that we may be salt to a world seeking hope. 

       We look forward to fulfilling your request for this new book.  God Bless. 


Love in the Truth,

  Peter Low Ying Kit

     Grace to Asia