10 March 2023

Dear Friend

       Greetings on behalf of all of us at Grace to Asia.   I write to inform you of some important news regarding our ministry in Singapore and the surrounding regions.

       The world has changed dramatically since this ministry first started back in October 1997 as Grace to You (Singapore).  Our purpose then was to make sound Bible teaching resources more readily available to believers.  Then in 2009, we transitioned to become Grace to Asia, and we had a slightly modified aim – to translate good Christian books into Chinese and other languages, so as to reach more people in the region.  Since then, however, many good Christian resources have become available all over the internet, more Christians are reading digital books rather than physical books, and there was even a burgeoning interest amongst several other ministries to translate Christian resources into multiple languages.

       These developments have caused us to reimagine and reposition the ministry of Grace to Asia, so as to serve God’s kingdom more effectively, given the limited resources that we have.  As such, we have decided to discontinue the day-to-day operations of Grace to Asia.  This means that we will no longer be sending out monthly newsletters and there will be no paid staff to do the work of the ministry.  Instead, my directors and I will volunteer at Grace to Asia, to use our remaining resources to support the work of translation – and our focus will be on minority languages, those with very few Bible-teaching resources.

       Nevertheless, we want one last opportunity to minister to you.  We have prepared a booklet entitled How Should I Think?  In this book, Dr R.C. Sproul demonstrates that how we think is foundational to the way we live.  The same Creator who gave us our minds has revealed His own mind in the Bible, calling us to know Him and to think according to His Word.  This book offers succinct answers to important questions about how we as Christians should think.  So let me encourage you to request for your free copy of How Should I Think?

       With this major transition, it will mean that we will cease our monthly correspondences with you.  If you wish to continue supporting the work of translating good Christian material, you may continue to do so either through the mail or on our website at www.gracetoasia.org. 

       May Christ continue to sustain and empower you, so that you may persevere in your faith, as we see the Day approaching.  God Bless.  

    Love in the Truth,

   Peter Low Ying Kit

      Grace to Asia