27 October 2020

Dear Friend

October is always a very special month for me.  It reminds me of the time when Grace to Asia (formerly called Grace to You) first began back in October 1997. 

During those early years with Grace to You, the most important aspect of our ministry was our regular newsletters.  Then, Pastor MacArthur would write to friends like you and offer his latest sermons and his newest books, free of charge.  In 2007, we even setup a satellite office in Kuala Lumpur, so that we could more effectively reach out and minister to believers in Malaysia. 

Than in 2009, we made the most important transition of the existence of this ministry; we became Grace to Asia.  While we continued to minister to our friends through our newsletter offerings, we expanded the breadth of our ministry by investing our resources into the Chinese translation project.  But other than Chinese translation, we also funded the Bangla translation of Keys to Spiritual Growth in 2016.  That book has since been distributed and reprinted several times over.  This same book was also translated into Bahasa Indonesia, but we are still waiting for an appropriate time to fund and print the book.

So in the last 11 years, we have translated more than 60 book titles, Bible study resources and booklets into a few languages.  Translating these resources is just the first step to the project.  An equally important aspect of the work involved distributing these resources into the hands of God’s people.  In all of these years, we have printed and distributed more than 85,000 translated resources and another 60,000 English resources.

It is crucial that you know that the works of the ministry would not have been possible if not for the support we have received these past 20 over years.  Once again, as the year-end draws near, we want to invite you to give, in support of the Bible-teaching work Grace to Asia is doing in Asia. 

Year-end giving always represents a large proportion of our annual support and it will help us determine the extent of our ministry outreach in 2021.  On behalf of all the lives you help us reach and minister, thank you! 

  Love in the Truth,

 Peter Low Ying Kit

     Grace to Asia

P/S:  We want to send you the second segment of the MacArthur Study Guide series titled Heaven, Part 2.  This study guide will be available in both English and Chinese.  Please click here to complete your request.