Authority: God’s Good and Dangerous Gift (Journal)




In today’s world, the topic of authority is not only unpopular, it is also somewhat controversial. On one hand, our lives are dependent on rules and regulations; just think about the laws of our country, traffic regulations and even rules pertaining to our office environment. Without these rules and the community submitting to them, chaos will reign everywhere. On the other hand, there is an axiom that is relevant to the authority structures that enforce these rules; that axiom is “power corrupts”. We have seen instances where people in authority can overstep their boundaries; leading to exploitation and abuse. Sadly, this can also happen to Christ’s church.

In this journal entitled Authority: God’s Good and Dangerous Gift, 9 Marks explores what authority looks like in the church, articles on differentiating between authority and preference, between authority and authoritarian, and practical examples on how to apply principles taught, like understanding the abuse of authority in prosperity-gospel churches.

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